“2 Dope Queens” Stars Land HBO Series

The highly popular podcast “2 Dope Queens” has generated a lot of buzz recently after landing a series on HBO starring hosts Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams. Among the many quotes from the article included the following:

“The state of podcasting is quite healthy,” said Nick Quah, editor of Hot Pod. “What we’re actually seeing here is anevolution away from the economic and historical power structure of the traditional radio industry, where narrative audio and other kinds of creative talk radio weren’t really ableto flourish in the way it seems to be flourishing right now.”

Edison research backs what Quah says with some interesting statistics. In the 2017 report, Edison compared their findings in 2017 (the most recent available) with 2014 which shows an 88 percent increase in those who listen to podcasts at least once a week, a 33 percent increase in those who report ever having listened to podcasts and a 25 percent increase in awareness of the term “podcasting.”

In that same article written by Eric Zorn in the Chicago Tribune, the question was posed, “So are we at peakpodcast?”

The response…

Not even close.

Remember the impressive growth shown in those Edison Research numbers? Well, the raw numbers are still small. Only 15 percent of people overall listened to podcasts once a week in 2017 (compared with 90 percent who listen to broadcast radio), 40 percent reported ever having listened to a podcast and just 60 percent said they were even aware of the term “podcasting.”

Audio-on-demand, perfect for the multitasking lifestyle, is still just getting started.

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