Anchor Makes Key App Update

If you are not familiar with Anchor, it’s an app aimed to revolutionize the ease of podcasting. Many people don’t start a podcast because of the time and equipment involved in the podcasting process. Anchor eliminates that process, allowing you to record a podcast as easy as calling your best friend by using their app.

In a release from The Verge this morning, Anchor feels that they have made some major improvements to their platform:

The app has now been redesigned to focus on podcast creation. When you open it, you’ll launch right into a recording screen. All you have to do is pick the phone up to your ear and start talking to get a recording going. There are a bunch of other really nice features for making the podcast feel richer and more interactive, too: Anchor includes built-in sound effects and transitions, it lets you pull in music clips from Spotify and Apple Music (though you can’t export these for listeners outside the Anchor app), and there’s a neat feature that lets listeners send you messages, which you can drop right into a podcast to respond to.

None of that is new to Anchor — it’s all been there for existing creators — but the big difference is that you’ll now take all the audio segments you’ve recorded, drag them into the order you want, and then save it all as one big file, instead of pushing the clips to your Anchor station one by one.

Anytime an app can improve a process and make content creation easier, we all win! Anchor is still very young in the development process, but they are clearly making strides to be the go-to company for efficient audio recording and distribution. If you are still making the excuse “I don’t have the equipment or the time to record a podcast,” Anchor eliminates those excuses… simply download the app, press record (or record with a guest via phone) and Anchor will distribute the podcast for you!

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