Bauer Magazine Enters Podcast World: Credits “escapism factor”

Another day, another large publisher entering the world of podcasting. We seem to have passed the early adopter phase of the medium and now it appears all of the major publishing companies are beginning to accept that they need a podcast to continue to expand their brands. This time it’s the magazine publisher Bauer who says they are returning to their “radio roots” by getting deeper into the podcasting world.

In the past month alone, Bauer has added two new weekly podcast series equaling a total of 73 podcasts. One podcast, titled “Grazia Life Advice” is an extension of their weekly fashion magazine that features successful women giving advice on how they became successful. The show is already hitting 10,000+ weekly downloads, surpassing many of Bauers previous podcast launches. The second show is titled “My Planet Rocks” and is centered around feature interviews with rock stars. So far the show has already featured stars like Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page.

When asked why the two foot jump into podcasting, commercial director Vicky Foster said “Podcasts have that escapism factor. We can use them to connect in a personal and engaging way with who we partner with.”

Call it escapism, call it convenience, call it an addiction to content. However you want to phrase it, one thing is certain, Bauer certainly won’t be the last large media publishing company to dive into the deep waters of podcasting.

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