Dr. J Launches “House Call W/ Dr. J”

Another legendary figure has made the leap into our world of podcasting as Julius Erving launched his podcast titled “House Call w/ Dr. J”

On Dr. J’s (Julius Erving) first episode, the famous NBA legend hosted Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban where they discussed all things NBA and Cuban even found himself in trouble with the NBA after the episode went live. As for the podcast itself, Dr. J has teamed up with reVOLVER, one of the industry leaders, to promote and host the NBA Hall of Famer’s podcast.

“I had the privilege of hearing DR. J and his guests record these episodes. There were poignant conversations, laughter, and a great mix of topics,” said reVOLVER President Jack Hobbs. “Regardless of whether you’re a ‘sports fan’, the stories shared on HOUSE CALL WITH DR. J are for everyone. These are not to be missed shows!”
What does this mean? First, it means that we have another amazing voice in our industry. Anytime a big name starts a podcast, it only helps the industry and the listener because it means access to information and guests that otherwise, we may never come across. Second, it shows that podcasting is not just a “millennial” or “young persons” game. Podcasting is becoming a staple in our lives and will continue to grow as men move through 2018!

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