Forbes: 8 Questions to Ask And 67 Million Listeners

Earlier this week, Forbes published an article about the 8 questions to ask yourself before you start your podcast. Not only were they quality points, but the article also pointed out some interesting numbers and statistics from the world of podcasting. Forbes reports that an estimated 67 Million people are now listening to podcasts every month, which is an even larger number than previously reported. That number is staggering when you consider that some people still don’t understand the audience engagement. Podcasting continues to grow as people’s schedules get busier, and our thirst for content is neverending. As for the 8 steps? Here they are…
1. Who And Where Is My Audience?
2. Are My Customers Actually Listening To Podcasts?
3. How Will I Distribute My Podcast?
4. What Am I Passionate About?
5. Can I Fill A Niche That’s Not Already Saturated?
6. Can I Make My Point Quickly?
7. Can I Create Podcast Content Consistently?
8. Can I Translate My Value Proposition Into Audio Format?
If you ask yourself these questions, you are likely to figure out what kind of podcast you should create. If you have any other questions about starting your podcast, reach out on Twitter.
To read the entire article on Forbes platform, click HERE

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