DigiDay.com: Podcasters want Google to counter Apple dominance

Digiday recently posted an article about Googles void in the podcast space. Sure, there is the Google play store, but Google has yet to fully engage in the space. Add to the fact that Apple has a stranglehold on the cell phone market and that the Apple Podcasts app comes pre-installed on every iPhone, and some (including myself) question if Google would be wasting their time on an uphill battle, similar to Google+ and other previous failures. Google is great at what they know: Search, data and consumer behavior, but they have typically been unsuccessful when attempting to enter already saturated markets.

According to the Digiday article though, many podcasters believe that Google could be a sleeping giant in the podcasting space and many believe the industry is being held back by Googles lack of a competitive product.

A few quotes from the article:

“It’s holding everyone back,” said one major podcast publisher at VoiceCon, VaynerMedia’s one-day conference on the state of digital audio and voice this week.

“Google has a podcast beast just sitting there,” said one publisher, who shared that the vast majority of their traffic comes from Apple. But they’ve (Google) been frustrated by the ad solutions and data from platforms like Spotify and iHeartRadio.

Dan Hecklau, director of product management at Jelli, questioned Apples ability to scale an ad product saying:

“Apple has never been strong in advertising whereas it is in Google’s DNA, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a podcast ad network doesn’t soon follow. Google knows how advertisers think and how to address consumers.”

Reneau-Weeden of Googles product team shared some insights as well. “The fact that when you open up an iPhone, it has a podcast app and your iPhone-having friends probably have been listening to podcasts plays a big role. So we want to create an environment on Android where it’s just as easy to get started, and it’s actually the best experience possible for discovering and listening to podcasts,” Reneau-Wedeen told Pacific Content.

Will Google be successful in this venture? That is yet to be seen, but it certainly appears that they are ready to try to compete with the dominance that Apple has in the market. If anything, competition creates better products and experiences for users and consumers. It will be interesting to see how Google launches their podcasting attack.

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