Marvels First Podcast Series: Wolverine

Marvel had previously announced that they were taking the plunge into podcasting. This isn’t going to be your typical host, topic, guest type show. Instead, Marvel has made their first move into scripted podcasting with their 10-episode series titled “Wolverine: The Long Night.”

Tech Crunch published an interview last night with director Brendan Baker about the challenges of taking the hugely popular comic series, and turning it into audio gold.

“That was one of the first questions that came up: What does an audio fight scene look like?,” he said. “Is having a fight scene even the right approach?” Baker says that these were the challenges coming in, but the goal was to focus less on making sure listeners can follow every single blow, and more on conveying the “impressionistic energy of the moment” using sound effects and music.

“You can hear them touching each other, opening doors and entering rooms, rolling down a window and shouting,” Baker said. The goal, he said, was to give the listener the sense that “you are there within that world.”

This type of news can only benefit the podcasting industry as a whole. Once other industries see the massive download numbers, it will only be a matter of time until we see the next movie series follow suit.

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