Michael Rapaport Fired: 22,000 1-Star Reviews

Michael Rapaport was fired from Barstool Sports over the weekend after a Twitter tirade, stemming from Barstool’s “Rough N Rowdy” boxing PPV. After the fight, Rapaport had aggressive interactions with many of Barstools employees, where he suggested readers ask Adam “Smitty” Smith “if he’s on juice (Steroids).” Smith won Barstool’s “Rough and Rowdy” amateur boxing competition (Which grossed $600,000 in sales.. impressive). While Rapaport continued to engage with many of Barstool’s own in personal attacks, he hadn’t truly crossed the line until he tweeted

“if you call yourself a f–king stoolie for real, you’ve already lost in life”

This tweet prompted Barstool founder Dave Portnoy to fire Rapaport the next morning in a press release from his bed. Barstool is known for their aggressive banter at times, but clearly, Rapaport failed to understand that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Barstool has created one of the more viral communities in podcasting. Those same stoolies that Rapaport insulted, took to Rapaport’s podcast “I Am Rapaport” and left over 22,000 1 star reviews! Plummeting the overall rating from 5 stars down to 1.5.


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