Patreon Acquires Memberful

As the podcasting industry continues to grow, the acquisitions will as well. Patreon announced that it has acquired Memberful. Memberful is a service for independent creators, educators, and publishers who prefer to have complete control over their membership program, including building their own website, providing customer service, and integrating with best in class third-party tools like WordPress and MailChimp.

Today, Memberful made an announcement about the new acquisition (from :

“Today, we’re announcing we’ve been acquired by Patreon. In Patreon, we found a team that cares deeply about the many of the same things we do. We both see a future where creators work for their audience, not for massive advertising companies as underpaid content suppliers. We both see a future where creators are free to maintain direct relationships with their audience on their terms, unencumbered by the whims of the latest social platform. We both see a future where creators can do what they love while being supported financially by their biggest fans through memberships. Patreon asked if we’d join them in building this future, and we said yes.”

As of now, it appears that the Memberful product will continue to operate independently as a wholly owned subsidiary with the companies normal three tiered pricing.

We have seen multiple acquisitions over the past few months, which is similar to what we saw during the social media boom. Companies will continue to make the decision whether to invest in their own growth, or decide if it’s time to sell, make a profit and eliminate risk before a competitor does it for them. We will continue to update as more of these acquisitions continue

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