Podcast Listeners: The Holy Grail For Advertisers

Miranda Katz, of Wired.com, recently published an article titled “Podcast listeners really are the holy grail advertisers hoped they’d be.”

The article tells a story about a podcast from Misha Euceph, who started and grew a large podcast about her experience as a Pakistani- American immigrant. In the article, Misha had added some big name advertisers for her podcast but always had questions in the back of her mind.

Were people actually listening all the way through her show? Were the “midroll” ads that played throughout an episode breaking up the narrative? When she finally got detailed data on how people listened to Beginner, would she have to rethink the way she structured her show?

The article also goes into the next wave of Apples Podcast Analytics where many assumed that the listener metrics would be damning for podcast advertising. They couldn’t have been more wrong as podcast listeners are more engaged than on most other mediums. Truth be told, this makes perfect sense if you think about it. Podcasts require users to “opt in” or “subscribe” to podcasts they like. If they have subscribed, they are most likely interested in what that host/guest has to say. This creates an environment for advertisers where the audience actually consumes that advertisement.

“I think some people had an apocalyptic fear that, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to get this data and see no one’s listening,’” says Erik Diehn, CEO of Midroll Media. Thanks to surveys and data from Stitcher, Midroll’s distribution platform, the podcast network had long felt confident that a nightmare scenario was unlikely—and now thanks to Podcast Analytics, Diehn says, it’s finally indisputable fact. On average, according to Midroll’s data, podcast listeners are making it through about 90 percent of a given episode, and relatively few are skipping through ads.

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