Entrepreneur.com: Why Podcasting Is the Next Marketing Frontier

On Friday, Entrepreneurs AJ Agrawal published another article that again highlights the massive growth in podcast popularity. The article again quotes the 24 percent of Americans over the age of 12 now listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. However, it also mentions the new numbers reported in the Statista projects. The Statista projects expec that by 2021, there will be more than 100 million podcast listeners in the United States alone.

For these reasons alone, marketers have already jumped at the opportunity to reach a new audience. Add in the fact that podcasts are opt-in downloads, which means listeners decide who they want to listen to, and it’s easy to see why marketers are excited about its possibilities.

The article credits the shift from desktop to mobile engagement as a big reason for the popularity boom. Further, Agrawal credits the biggest factor in the podcast boom being time, or a lack of time. People are very busy which certainly makes it harder to sit down and read a book or watch a television show without being distracted (Article examples). Consider the fact that you can listen to a podcast while performing all of your already scheduled tasks, like walking the dog, brushing your teeth, driving to work or running at the gym. It would be very hard to watch a television show while doing any of these tasks, but it’s easy to understand how you could simultaneously be listen to a podcast.

For marketing purposes, Agrawal discusses the brand shift from blog writing, to podcast producing. Brands are beginning to look at podcasting as their “audio blog” and are creating brand recognition as such.

The article quotes Seth Greene of Market Domination LLC.com saying “For the next three to five years, [it will be] like the new ground floor of podcasting. There are a billion listeners and that’s supposed to triple in the next few years.”

He continued by saying…

“There’s a global proliferation of smartphones, and now the Podcast app is being installed in Apple Carplay,” Greene said.

In short, there is no better time to start a podcast for your business or personal brand. The article gave 3 tips to starting your podcast:

  1. Invest in quality equipment
  2. Consistently create relevant, informational, high-quality content
  3. Host on a relevant platform

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