PR Newswire: “First of it’s kind” podcast platform launches

According to a PR Newswire article, the Los Angeles based podcasting platform Saycaster has opened up their platform to the public. This coming after a very successful private launch with a group of local podcasters.

So what makes Saycaster unique?

The platform allows podcasters to pin links, tweets and comments at specific spots within their podcast. The idea is to share smaller pieces of relevant micro content across social platforms.

The founder Marcus Scott, whose goal is to overhaul podcasting says the current beta release has been designed with simplicity in mind. “We’re just super excited to have validated the fundamental concept of pinning content to specific moments in podcasts. Now we can begin to implement the host of other features on the horizon.”

Co-Founder Symi was also quoted in the article stating:

“The feedback from the community so far has been overwhelmingly positive and they all say it’s the first of kind they have been involved with. Yet we have also gained a better appreciation for some staple podcasting features that we can’t neglect, RSS integration being an obvious one.”

The feature is certainly interesting, but it may be hard to sell podcasters that have already gained a rhythm and routine with their current provider. It sounds like this is just the beginning for Saycaster and we will stay tuned to see what they roll out next.

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