Experts Predict Big 2018 For Podcasting

This morning, Radio World published an article with interviews from some of Europes biggest names in marketing titled “Smart Speakers, Podcasts Big Streaming Trends in 2018.” In this article, 4 experts were interviewed and all 4 proclaimed that podcast will continue to explode in 2018. The 4 experts were James Cridland, publisher of (a daily news site about podcasting and on-demand content); Nick Fisher, co-founder of Hook Research (a media/strategy consultancy that works with media players globally, including the BBC); Sam Harris, Insights and Engagement manager at Hook Research; and Michael Hill, managing director of the nonprofit Radioplayer streaming platform used by many broadcasters in the United Kingdom, including the BBC.

In the article, Cirdland explained “There is so much public interest in these story-driven audio recordings (either streamed by listeners or downloaded on-demand), that “podcasting companies have attracted investment, and are increasingly making mainstream media.”

The article goes on to discuss that the true value of podcasts are their level of authenticity.

“Podcasts are places where passionate individuals can deep-dive into topic areas that might have been considered too niche by traditional media outlets,” said Fisher. “We have recently completed some research into young, professional men around the U.K., and podcasts came up repeatedly as the content that best ‘gets’ their modern lifestyles; from the rapid-fire banter they have in their own friendship groups, to offering an exploration of the alternative topics (in terms of gender stereotypes) that they are becoming more interested in,” he said.

As far as the prospects for 2018 and the future of podcasting?

“Podcasting has a lot more room to grow,” agreed Hill. But rather than realizing its full streaming potential in mass-market terms, podcasting “will continue to dribble upward organically unless its structural issues are addressed.” Specifically, “It is still too difficult for listeners to discover new content, and iTunes has a stranglehold on distribution but aren’t investing in growing the market,” he said.

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