Toronto Public Library Adds Podcast Studios

As podcasting continues to grow, resources will continue to do the same. The Toronto public library made headlines last week, announcing the opening of their podcast studios that are now available for rent!

The studio spaces provides users a quiet environment and equipment and software to work on audio and visual projects: film a new movie; shoot a commercial; work on a video for school; record a song; or create a podcast.

Available at the start of your booking:

  • Apojee Quartet- Professional audio interface and studio control center
  • Studio Speakers
  • Green Wall
  • Lighting Kit: Includes 2 x 500 watts light bulbs and 2 x softboxes on tripod

Additional equipment that can be signed out to your library card:

  • Canon Rebel T5 SLR Camera
  • Canon XA10 Video Camera
  • Canon VIXIA HFR40 Video Camera
  • Nikon Coolpix L620 Camera
  • Audio-Technica Studio Microphone Pack
  • Audio-Technica LAV Mic Kit
  • Nektar Impact LX61 Midi Controller Keyboard
  • Numark iDJPro Kit
  • Studio Headphones
  • Macbook (Wirecast Software installed for Green Screen Productions)
  • Black Magic Ultra Studio Express
  • Microphone table stand
  • Camera Tripods


The studio is available free of charge during regular library hours. You can book the studio at either the Toronto Reference Library, or the studio at Fort York by calling the library location. A valid Toronto Public Library card is required.

Other things to know:

  • Reservations are limited to a maximum of two hours a day
  • Reservations can be made up to three business days in advance at Toronto Reference Library and a week in advance at Fort York Branch. No bookings on Sunday
  • Only 1 member of a group is allowed to book for the group
  • Reservations are held for 10 minutes, so make sure you arrive on time
  • Drop-in use is possible if the Studio is available
  • An adult must accompany children under 10 years at all times
  • The purpose of the Studio is for audio and video production. If you need to edit your project afterwards, please book one of the workstations available in the Digital Innovation Hub.
  • Be mindful of sound levels, the space is not soundproof

This is a big move and a potential blueprint for public libraries to remain relevant as we continue to advance further into the digital age, where fewer people are visiting the library for resources and information.

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