The Weather Is Here: Podcast Edition

If you thought that podcasting was only limited to business, sports, comedy and the iTunes current categories, that has all changed now. AccuWeather Daily has taken the leap into podcasting with the first known weather-centric podcast. The podcast will offer daily episodes that will include the top trending story of the day on and will be broadcast to listeners in brief 3-5 minute episodes.

These episodes won’t include local weather updates, so you will still want to use your local station or app for that, but it will include daily stories curated from AccuWeather Daily.

“Podcasts give you a little bit of a chance to do storytelling and sharing information in a deeper way,” said AccuWeather’s Director of Broadcasting and Information Services and weekly podcast co-producer, Ken Prehl. “We just thought it was natural for AccuWeather to start its own podcasts.”

The podcast is already available on iTunes and is also available on Alexa devices.

For Alexa users, simply say to your device, “Alexa, enable AccuWeather Daily,” and then, “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?

To access content on Google’s Narrative News, you can use the invocation, “Okay Google, what’s the latest from AccuWeather Daily?” or “Okay Google, play AccuWeather Daily.

To add AccuWeather Daily as a news source to your Narrative News in the Google Assistant app, go to Settings > News > Add News Source > AccuWeather Daily, where users will find the podcast under the “Science” category.

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